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Pulse was founded by Bram Jansma and stands for result-oriented work. Nobody is the same and nobody deserves the same approach. Some people simply need someone to support them while others have to start from scratch. Everyone is welcome at Pulse. People who have years of experience and also people who now want to take the right steps after years of doing nothing. The training is always given one on one so that you get the attention you deserve. The absence of other people during your training means that you never have to worry about what other people think. By working together, listening carefully and asking questions Bram will do everything to get the best version out of your self.

About Bram Jansma

Bram has been involved in sports all his life. This started with basketball from a very early age, which then turned into the high school sports class. This way Bram has seen and practiced practically every sport. So the decision to choose for a sport-oriented lifestyle was made easily and he began to follow his passion!
After Bram had worked in various gyms for several years as a fitness, personal and group trainer, he wanted more. He wanted to use his vision and passion to help people, people who were looking for an unprecedented level of training, guidance and service. Pulse emerged from this vision. A private studio where you can train on appointment and only one on one. And all this on the latest and best equipment in the field and under the expert guidance of Bram Jansma.
After Fitvak A and Fitvak B Bram followed many courses with well-known and successful trainers / coaches in the Netherlands and abroad and he tries to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of nutrition, training and lifestyle.


  • Rijkserkende opleiding Fitvak A
  • Rijkserkende opleiding Fitvak B
  • Beroepsverening gewichtsconsulenten Nederland (BGN)
  • Care for Women; Vrouwen en hormonen voor de voedingspecialist
  • Ralph Moorman; Hormoonfactor trainer
  • Charles Poliquin; Mastery of program design
  • Charles Poliquin; Biomechanical assessment
  • Christian Thibaudeau; Hypertrophy course
  • Stéphane Cazeault; Program design course
  • Luke Leaman (Muscle Nerds); Foundation course level 1 & 2
  • Luke Leaman (Muscle Nerds); Program design

Where to find Pulse?

Curious what Bram can do for you? Please contact Bram for a free introductory meeting.

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