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Impulse camp May June

Impulse camp May June is just that boost to get you in shape for the summer holidays. Minimum participants 2 Spots left: 4

Impulse camp oktober november

Want to get into top shape just before Christmas and start the new year off right with the online schedules? Then Impulse camp October November is what you are looking for! Minimum participants 2 Spots left: 4

Impulse womencamp march april

The Impulse Womencamp has been developed specially for the ladies among us. Only accessible to women and with more focus on the female body. Think of the hormonal processes, the monthly cycle, the menopause and more. Do you want to know why you store more fat around the abdominal region after the age of 45? Where do the monthly mood swings come from and how to respond to them? Or why your sleep schedule is suddenly completely different? In short, do you want to know why your body does what it does and how you can respond to this? Then you don't want to miss Impulse Womencamp! Minimum participants 2 Spots left: 4