Why losing weight doesn’t work with 3 tips!

Why losing weight doesn’t work with 3 tips!

The summer holidays are almost coming to an end and for many people that means getting back to work to get rid of those gained kilos. But many people do not achieve their goals when it comes to losing weight, but why is that? So today everything you need to lose weight!

Be aware of the hidden calories

To lose weight you simply have to eat less, but this is often easier said than done. People often forget that drinks in addition to their food, such as a Coke, also contain calories and forget to count them. As a result, they still maintain their weight or even gain weight. Therefore, try to take these “hidden” calories into account. Because you eat less, it often happens that you get hungry more often. First of all, it is important to drink enough water, but it can also help to spread the meals throughout the day. This way you often have small portions so that the feeling of hunger stays away and also prevents possible blood sugar dips. This makes you feel less hungry and you have a better energy distribution throughout the day. In addition, vegetables can also help against that feeling of hunger. They are often low in calories and give a much fuller feeling than other foods. Therefore, increase your vegetable intake slightly during weight loss so that you are fuller and you get more vitamins and minerals that are much needed in a period of reduced food intake.

Do it for yourself not for others!

Too often people think of others before they think of themselves. Likewise with weight loss. People are afraid of what others think of them if, for example, they have a few extra pounds. This is a wrong motivation to lose weight. Therefore do it for yourself. For example, think of:
-Want to look better
-Living healthier
-Lower blood pressure
-Get stronger
– Gain more self confidence.

Don’t be too demanding on yourself.

We mentioned above that you have to do it for yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself and stay realistic. Many people set goals that are too big that are actually not achievable. They also know this in the back of their minds and if you don’t stand for it 100%, the result will also be disappointing. In short, find a goal that you support and one that is realistic. Losing ten kilos in a month is firstly not healthy and secondly not realistic. For example, first work to lose 3 kilos in 3 months. Once you have achieved this goal, it motivates you again and you want more. Do it in small achievable steps and not in big leaps because this often ends in disappointment.


First, set a realistic goal and start this process for yourself. During this process, keep an eye out for the hidden calories, drink enough water and eat more vegetables if necessary. You’ll make yourself proud once you hit that first milestone!

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